LARQ emerging

Matt Williams Architects LARQ Ceiling Plywood Linings.jpgMatt Williams Architects LARQ Plywood Linings from Mezzanine.jpgMatt Williams Architects LARQ Staves Detail.jpgMatt Williams Architects LARQ Staves.jpg

The additions to LARQ continue to emerge, with the key materials now being applied.

The plywood internal lining adds beautifully to the dramatic folded roof/ceiling over the double height entry space, that will receive bright morning sunshine as it rises over Mount Owen.

Externally, the king billy pine staves from the demolished Lake Margaret Power Station’s timber pipeline, are being applied to the entry walls – note the varying pattern of ‘stripes’ across the timbers, created by the steel hoop straps that held the pipe together. Even thought these areas of the boardsĀ  were under tremendous compression, they are now the areas that are least deteriorated and so stand proud of the main surface, as the straps protected the stripes from the many years of West Coast weather.