Southport complete


Southport Shack is now complete. Here are a couple of photos showing the outside of the building.

West Hobart 5 glazing arrives by crane

Matt Williams Architects WH5 Corner Glazing 1.JPGMatt Williams Architects WH5 Corner Glazing installation.JPGMatt Williams Architects WH5 Corner Glazing 2.JPGMatt Williams Architects WH5 Corner Glazing Slab Edge.JPG

Carl and Courtnay’s place has just had it’s Grand Designs moment, with large glazing units flying through the air on a crane!The units were so large that even though it was only 25 metres from the street to their final location, an extensive scaffolding platform and a crane were required to get them close – then it was just a matter of five glaziers lifting them into place.

The slab/glazing detail has come up a treat – we have run the glass down the face of the slab to create a seamless visual transition, making the glazing disappear, while also using the double-glazed unit to insulate the slab edge. Now that the house is closed-up it’s time for the finishing trades.

LARQ emerging

Matt Williams Architects LARQ Ceiling Plywood Linings.jpgMatt Williams Architects LARQ Plywood Linings from Mezzanine.jpgMatt Williams Architects LARQ Staves Detail.jpgMatt Williams Architects LARQ Staves.jpg

The additions to LARQ continue to emerge, with the key materials now being applied.

The plywood internal lining adds beautifully to the dramatic folded roof/ceiling over the double height entry space, that will receive bright morning sunshine as it rises over Mount Owen.

Externally, the king billy pine staves from the demolished Lake Margaret Power Station’s timber pipeline, are being applied to the entry walls – note the varying pattern of ‘stripes’ across the timbers, created by the steel hoop straps that held the pipe together. Even thought these areas of the boardsĀ  were under tremendous compression, they are now the areas that are least deteriorated and so stand proud of the main surface, as the straps protected the stripes from the many years of West Coast weather.


North Hobart finished!


This small addition for Craig, Bianca and Max enlarges their Kitchen and adds a new living room that means they can now step out into their lovely garden without a journey through their laundry. The stunning Lift and Slide door from Eurotrend makes the new trip into the backyard all the more enjoyable.

With the northeast aspect, the new living room provides a sunny, warm space to start the day and then contributes to the warmth of the whole house for the rest of the day.

Thanks go to the team at Elliott Builders for another successful project.


LARQ - ID.jpgP3014779_2.jpgP3014780_2.jpgP3014782_2.jpgP3044785.jpgarnold_2.jpg_1.jpg

The additions to LARQ [Landscape Art Research Queenstown] – Raymond Arnold’s home, studio and gallery are taking shape over in Queenstown.

LARQ was established by Raymond and his partner Helena in 2006 and since then it has invigorated the West Coast with their endless energy and ideas; regular Tasmanian, national and international artists taking up residencies; and workshops for both experienced artists and novices – all inspired by the awesome presence of the surrounding natural and altered landscape.

The additions will be partially clad in King Billy Pine staves that were salvaged when the large water supply pipe for the Lake Margaret power station was dismantled.

Also – don’t miss some of Raymond’s exquisite pieces on display as part of the re-opening of TMAG this week!

West Hobart 5


Carl and Courtnay’s house is coming together quickly!

These beautiful salvaged brick walls will contrast nicely with the vertical timber and expansive, minimalist windows to come.

The walls will also provide great thermal mass, along with the concrete slab, to help regulate the internal temperature throughout the year.

South Hobart finished!

c23-SOUTH HOBART - dining and living.jpgc9-SOUTH HOBART - Deck.jpgc22-SOUTH HOBART - salvaged brick wall.jpgc76-SOUTH HOBART - salvaged timber wall.jpgundefinedc17-SOUTH HOBART - salvaged timber screen.jpgc30-SOUTH HOBART - living.jpg

South Hobart and Fran and Bob are starting to make themselves at home.

Beautifully built by Island Workshop.

West Hobart 4


Bec and Rob’s West Hobart additions coming together – the curved wall of glass, half installed, opening out to a sunny courtyard.

The boys from Felcon are doing a first-rate job!

Publication in Green Magazine


Coningham House published in Green Magazine Issue 29.

South Hobart


Fran and Bob’s South Hobart additions under construction – nearly there!!